How to take bus to Cat ba national park

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Embraced by the clear waters of Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Island is a Northern Vietnam travel destination no less famous than Halong Bay, especially among Vietnamese tourists.

Cat Ba National Park was Vietnam’s first national park to include both terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Cat Ba Island is situated 50 km east of Hai Phong city, belongs to the Cat Ba Archipelago that consists of 350 limestone outcrops adjacent to Halong Bay.

After you have spent one day to cruise on Halong bay, visit caves and go swimming then you should choose one or two more nights in Cat Ba island. Fast boats leave from Haiphone regularly and cost 150, boat ride is 45 minutes and the bus ride from Cat Ba port to town is another 45 minutes (included in the price).

If we had gotten off the local bus to cat ba town ahead of Halong City, we could have gotten the normal ferry, and missed out on all the scams. Cat Ba National Park is the first national park in Vietnam which includes both terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

It was a little buggy and could have been a little cleaner but Nam Cat was a nice place to wake up and go home to. Any of the agencies in Cat Ba Town can offer you a one day cruise of Lan Ha Bay including lunch for the tiny sum of $15. Or you can connect to visit Halong- Cat Ba tour when after visiting Halong Bay, you can go by ferry to Gia Luan harbour to depart to Cat Ba island.

We so loved staying at Little Cat Ba. It’s located in the middle of the action – we could ride our scooters everywhere (which they let us borrow for free). Please pay attention to the time that you can come to Cat Ba island. I didn’t even know Cat Ba Island was on the itinerary, but I realized I had read about that place and wanted to go. It was nice and lush and green. You can find a Ticket Office on Hai Ba Trung street about 10 metres short of its junction with Phan Chau Trinh street.

By far the easiest way to how to get to Cat Ba Island is to buy a combined bus and boat ticket with Cat Ba Daily Tours from Hanoi The ticket costs 320,000Dong ($14) and leaves my Hotel in old quarter.

Covering the area of 26,300 hectares, the landscape of Cat Ba National Park is dominated by karts limestone areas on the main island where there are numerous waterfalls, caves and grottoes. Guests will truly overwhelmed by the beautiful lines that create natural and cultural background have drawn on blue sea create unparalleled picture is difficult.

Cat Co 2 is probably the best one to go to and you can rent a bicycle in town if you don’t want to walk or take a motorbike taxi. In recent years together with various kind of tourist activities rapidly developing on Cat Ba Island, Catching cuttle-fish has become an increasingly popular amusement for tourists, maybe kind of fun of part of many Vietnam tourist sights, by the way this has become a part of the special culture of this lovely island.

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